Sunday, December 1, 2013


This Sunday we're spotlighting an e-tailer who chooses their product selection with a fine tooth comb.

Lila Mae features a variety of products, for himherhome and baby. From tasty treats to household accessories to beauty products, Lila Mae is a prime one-stop-shop, especially as the search for the perfect gifts is underway.

However, this array of products aren't just what's "hot" or picked at random. Lila Mae has two specific criteria when stocking their selection: the product must be made in the USA and the product must be sustainable. Of course, these criteria aren't met at the expense of style.

"Our mission is to empower and inspire you to do your part to grow the economy, protect our environment and embrace your health without sacrificing joy or style." 

So why are these two characteristics focused on at Lila Mae? Their product selection features USA-made sustainable items because they believe in highlighting the vibrant talent that lays within our land while at the same time, protecting that land.

PRTTY PEAUSHUN is proud to meet these two criteria and is thrilled to be among the American-made green products that line the virtual shelves of Lila Mae. Shop PRTTY PEAUSHUN and other amazing goodies online at or at their popup shop in West Hartford Connecticut (95 Memorial Drive).

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