Thursday, December 19, 2013

This gift is JUST right - Goldie Blox

This gift is too pink. This gift is too girly. Goldie Blox - now this gift is JUST right! (See what we did there? Couldn't resist!)

Goldie Blox caught our attention at the beginning of the holiday season. This is more than just a toy - we're completely behind the girl power message and the empowering of little girls. Goldie Blox is "engineering toys for future inventors" and we totally dig it!

Despite coming under recent scrutiny for the use of the Beastie Boys "Girls," (which has been removed from the below video) we're sure that Goldie Blox is going to be under many Christmas Trees this season. In fact, our very own Director of Marketing and Promeaushuns may have told Santa to get this for her little girl.

What unique toys have you found this holiday season?

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